The Alchemist Alcohol
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Web Framework

VueJS & Flask

Languages Used

JavaScript & Python





I used VueJS instead of NuxtJs I expected most of the website traffic to come from Instagram, hence SEO was not the main consideration and I was more interested in creating a store that can be used by those who are not able to use the Telegram Bot.
The main considerations behind the website is to make it feel like a native app and for everything to be a click away(literally).

First, I created the nav bar that would always be visible on the top of the website and not collapse when used on a mobile phone, allowing the nav bar to function as a directory and ensure that they not need to keep uncollapsing the navbar, making it easier to use on a mobile phone.

Secondly, other than the 2 main product categories, I did not place the products in their respective sub-categories but rather a single page with a filter and search bar at the top of the page for easy filtering.

Some of my key takeaways from building this website is that sometimes less is more, as there were times that I wanted to add additional features for functionality. However, I changed my mind after getting feedback from people who were unsure on how to use the additional features.

Another thing that I have learnt is the importance of using building reusable components that can be reused in many parts of the website. Despite it seeming like it was more troublesome to do at first, this allows me to reuse my code and save more time when creating the website. This was quite a fun project to create and I am glad that my customers like the website!

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